EcoBarrier was developed by leading nanotechnology company Nanokote. Extensive research by Nanokote's building and infrastructure division has resulted in a state of the art next generation anti graffiti coating, EcoBarrier that outperforms older technology coatings and allows graffiti to be easily removed from any surface.

In May 2010 Nanokote Pty Ltd sold the Australian EcoBarrier anti graffiti business to NTS Coatings.


Is graffiti costing your business thousands of dollars to remove every year?

Governments around Australia are spending a reported $500 million per annum to remove unsightly graffiti from public and private buildings and public transports systems. The graffiti epidemic is so vast governments can only estimate how much money is being spent on removal by the public and private sectors each year.

EcoBarrier anti-graffiti coating provides a solution to combat graffiti vandalism and empowers community groups and asset owners to self clean assets.

Where can EcoBarrier be used?
Infrastructure such as noise barriers, abutments, barriers and bridges, shopping centers, schools, universities, car parks, factories, plants, apartments, perimeter walls, train stations and bus shelters. Also on city council buildings: libraries, town halls, community centres, public housing and sport facilities.

EcoBarrier is a permanent surface coating from which graffiti can easily be removed.

Graffiti (permanent markers, paint, spray cans, flow pens containing hybrid inks) and glued posters can be removed repeatedly, without loss of properties or performance.

Manufactured using the latest in organometallic nanotechnology, EcoBarrier will protect assets from graffiti.

How is EcoBarrier coating applied?
Ecobarrier is applied easily. It is a coating that can be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto almost any surface. Once applied the coating is permanent. Applying EcoBarrier means the surface is permanently protected against graffiti, even ghosting left by aggressive new generation graffiti inks.

How is graffiti removed from the protected surface?
After EcoBarrier is applied, graffiti is easily removed by cleaning the surface with widely available cleaners.

What are the benefits of applying EcoBarrier?
After EcoBarrier is applied, the coating:

  • Is unaffected by UV radiation and will not yellow, flake or break down over time
  • Is resistant to hybrid graffiti inks and will leave no ghosting or shadowing
  • Requires only environmentally- friendly biodegradable cleaners and a cloth to remove graffiti
  • Saves money as no specialty graffiti removal companies are required. Any person can remove graffiti safely and easily
  • Is permanent and can withstand hundreds of graffiti removals
  • Is suitable for any surface (porous and non porous)
  • Available in matte or gloss finish
  • Facilitates a self cleaning functionality to the surface
  • Will protect the substrate from damage from moisture and UV radiation

How quickly should graffiti be removed?
The most effective way to prevent graffiti is to remove it promptly. Studies show that removal within 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of reoccurrence.



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